Business For Sale

image3 is for sale.

 With a catalogue of more than 150 domain names consisting of :

* One-Word English Domains

* Brandable Domains

* Niche Domains in 10 categories

All listed for sale at GoDaddy.

Domain expiry dates: from 1 month to 1 year.

Two Websites Included

In addition to the large catalogue of domains, the business also has two working websites. 

* - Where all the domains are listed for sale, with specifications.

* -  a site with articles in 6 categories, and with 50 pages as of 05. April 2019.

Social Media Presence is present on Facebook and Twitter. 

These profiles will be transferred to the new business owner. 

Domain Discount Club membership

The business also comes with a Domain Discount Club membership, valid for the next 10 months. This entitles you to:

* A premium parking account valid for one year

* Year-round domain savings with industry-low prices

* Discounts on renewals

* Full access to GoDaddy auctions 

* Savings on expert domain negotiation services

If you have any questions, or would like to make a bid on DomFlipp, you can contact us here

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